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420 Bar 250mg THC | Real Chunky Peanut Butter


Indulge in another classic by Mary Jane Edibles. Deliciously made with real chunky peanut butter, your taste buds instantly taste the quality of ingredients used to give you that finished product. From the ground up, in each bite, patients see why this 420 Bar is a popular choice for many patients.

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What to know before you buy 420 Bar? Get ready to indulge in another Mary Jane Edibles classic. Made with real chunky peanut butter, your taste buds instantly go wild with the rich quality ingredients used with each bite. From the bottom up, it’s obvious why 420 bars are a popular choice for many medical cannabis patients and recreational users.

Whether it may be chocolate bar lovers, cannabis thrill-seekers, or those needing a heavy dose of medication, everyone loves this chocolate edible. With this said, treat yourself to a relaxing evening or medicate your pain and stress away. All in all, you’re guaranteed a good night’s rest.

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